I have added an inside cover page which includes Carruthers, mixed singles and mixed pairs schedule and a final page which includes the schedule for the County Championship, Senior County Championship and super 10's.

All players to wear WHITE trousers or shorts with club or county tops and those in team events to wear matching tops.

Please note that all games are subject to change.

U18 Singles U25 Singles Open Singles Open Pairs Open Triples
Open Fours Senior Singles Senior Pairs Senior Triples Senior Fours


Friday 10 September, Mixed Singles, U25 SIngles, O55 Fours

Saturday 11 September, Carruthers Shield, U18 Singles

Sunday 12 September, Fours, U18 Singles, O60 Singles, Super 10

Monday 13 September, Mixed Singles, Singles, O60 Pairs, O60 Triples, O55 Fours

Tuesday 14 September, Pairs, O60 Pairs, O60 Triples

Wednesday 15 September, Singles, Triples, Fours, 

Thursday 16 September, O60 SIngles, O60 Pairs, Disability Pairs

Friday 17 September, U25 SIngles, O55 Fours, Pairs, Singles, O60 Triples

Saturday 18 September, Mixed Pairs, Triples, Fours

Sunday 19 September, County Championship, Mixed Pairs, Mixed Singles

Monday 20 September, Senior County Championship