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Notes for Competitors

Regulation Dress: Trousers, tailored appearance shorts and shirts will be white, but coloured shirts of affiliated W.B.A. Clubs may be worn, or County Colour in those competitions provided that all participants are wearing the same colour. Shoes can be predominantly white or brown, with heal-less smooth soles with white socks. While white caps can be worn, but coloured caps will not be allowed, and wet suites must be predominantly white. All players in a combination (Pairs, Triples, Fours or Team) must wear identical tops and will be asked to change into the same colour and pattern as their team members.

Red and Blue Stickers will be issued to all competitors, and each scoreboard will be marked red and blue to match.

Scorecards signed by the opponents, must be returned to the Championship Office immediately after the completion of each match.

Alcohol: Competitors are not allowed to consume alcohol during the course of play at the National Finals.

Smoking: Competitors are not allowed to smoke or use “E” cigarettes on the bowling greens.

Stamping requirements for Bowls: Bowls bearing a legible hexagonal (bullet) stamp of any date, or bowls bearing the World Bowls Stamp, may be used provided they are able to be read.

Mobile Phones must not be used on the greens.

Whilst every effort will be made to play the matches on the day and time stated, competitors may be required to play at a different venue and at different times to those stated in the programme. Play under floodlIghts may also become necessary.

If substitutes are required these should be substitutes already used, or if no substitute has been previously used, the substitute can only be a member of the same club who has not previously entered in the competition concerned during the current season. Substitutes may be required if there is extreme congestion of matches caused by “Double-ups” in later rounds.

Drug Test: Competitors should be aware that they may be subject to a Drug Test.

Trophies will be held by the winners of the Competitions for One Year. Should any damage occur during that period to the trophies, the cost of repair will be borne by the player or players concerned for the appropriate trophy.


The Welsh Bowling Association wishes to thank everyone who has helped in the preparation and running of the 2018 National Championships, including: Llandrindod Wells Town Council, Llandrindod Wells Bowling Club, Umpires and Markers, County Associations and individual donors of draw prizes.

Thanks are due to advertisers and sponsors who have supported the WBA by placing advertisements in this programme, it is hoped that members of the public and competitors will be able to support the advertisers.